People complain that there’s nothing to do no matter where they live, and it is rarely true. They resort to electronics, and this increase in screen time is largely responsible for America’s obesity epidemic. We want to get America up and moving again with Active Lynx.

Active Lynx is a directory loaded with ideas for people who feel there is nothing to do. It is an activity idea search engine designed to make you put down your smartphone and get out of the house.


Every town has some form of nature. In rural areas, rivers and hillsides offer many activities. In metropolitan areas, there are hidden gems found on rooftop and community gardens. Many people don’t know the features of their own local parks. Active Lynx is comprehensive, and it finds nature everywhere. All of the nature-driven activities provide opportunities for people to get out, walk, and discover the environment in the city they live.


Movement in the entertainment industry does exist, but many only think of the movies when they consider entertainment. Active Lynx searches for alternatives, such as laser tag, paintball, dance classes, and anything that involves activity. Remember, our goal is to get you moving.


Local inhabitants are not likely to have visited local museums, and just about every area has a museum no matter what the size. In bigger areas, the museums become more advanced, but they all involve walking. Other educational opportunities involve walking tours, such as tours of factories, breweries, and historic buildings.

At home

Even at home, there are many ideas that get people off their couches. Whether it is gardening, cooking, crafting, or restoring furniture, we have activities that will enhance your life.

Active Lynx

Our directory is loaded with ideas with the goal of stimulating you to get out and experience the world instead of living it through gaming or social media. Our ideas including descriptions of the activities, costs, and other requirements you may need to know in order to comfortably enter and participate in the activities we offer. In many cases, we are also able to provide discounts and parking vouchers.

Getting out and moving has many health benefits, and one of those health benefits is emotional well-being. We aren’t designed to sit inside all day exchanging information online and not getting any activity. Activity is guaranteed to make you feel better about yourself, and Active Lynx ensures that you never complain that there’s nothing to do in your town.

If you have ideas to get people up and moving or have any questions, please visit our contact page. Thank you!