Trampolines: Your Number One Cardio Workout

Getting a good cardio workout in can be difficult. You have to be dedicated, often needing the right gear in order to appropriately protect your feet, shins and knees. Finding the time, the route and the energy in between working your day job is another challenge all on its own but there are ways to get your blood pumping without having to run. While there are people in the world that genuinely love running, it’s not for everyone, but getting in a full exercise should be. One of the best tools one can use, that’s fairly cheap and burns more calories than most other cardio workouts are trampolines (like the ones for sale here)! They’re not strictly for children, as you might think, and are actually encouraged by many physicians. Rebounders, the smaller variety of trampoline, will help tone, strengthen and burn fat without putting strain on your joints. They’re also known to clear toxins from the body!

The Workout

Trampolines are easy on the body and can be used for both fast paced workout as well as a warm up. Simply station your rebounder in an area with enough room and use for stretching, light jumping and running in place. With weights, try leg hikes and lunges. Set a timer and for 20 seconds, run as fast as you can. Jumping jacks are also a great little exercise to try on your new trampoline. Think outside of the box when utilizing your rebounder for cardio, you’d be surprised at what you might come up with.

The Health Benefits

Aside from easing pressure on your legs and joints, trampolines help to clear toxins from the body. This happens because of gravity’s downward pull when you’re jumping. All cardio workouts do this but jumping does it a lot faster. You’ll also tone the smaller muscles in your body that generally don’t get used because you’re constantly correcting your balance. Much like hiking, uneven ground is amazing for targeting those hard to reach muscles and in the end, you burn more calories than running on flat pavement. Make it a family activity! Everyday, include you children when you workout on your rebounder. This will help to instill positive habits and you wont even feel like you’re working out. Laughter is a great distraction and might even keep you working out longer than you normally would have. Overall, trampolines are your best friend if you’re looking to shed fat faster without hurting yourself. Almost any exercise that gets your heart rate up can be tweaked to a trampoline and what’s better, you don’t even have to leave the house!